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Who is the face behind Ubercleans?

Hello my name is Leah & I am the creator of Ubercleans. I also currently have my own little cleaning gig, cleaning homes as a solo maid in Levittown & surrounding areas. ( In my younger years I had dreams of going to college but that was soon put to a halt when I learned that I was pregnant in high school. I would go on to spend years in dead end jobs on little pay to make ends meet. Continue reading to learn about how and why Ubercleans came to be.

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My Story


My cleaning gig all started when I began to receive multiple bounced pay checks while working for a local cleaning company as a supervisor. It was already disheartening that I wasn't receiving the pay raise that was suppose to come with me accepting the position. But then having to deal with the stress of extra fees that occurred for trying to cash bounced paychecks.. it was just unacceptable. It spoke volumes to me about how I wasn’t appreciated or valued as an employee. I realized I really enjoyed cleaning homes but being treated poorly when I was a strong asset to the company, was not ok. I just recall spending my lunch breaks clocked out, sitting on the curb in between cleaning houses... just daydreaming that one day… I’d be able to work for myself…

Then one day.. I got tired of daydreaming and decided to take steps to make it happen. I picked up extra work to save up for my vacuum cleaner, supplies, insurance and slowly took the leap into becoming my own boss. Honestly.. as a single mom, it was scary. I knew I couldn’t afford not to have income coming in. So I would work an  overnight shift 7pm-5am in a warehouse, while starting to book new clients in my neighborhood for cleans during the day. It was exhausting at first but I'm proud to say I was able to let go of my overnight shift at the warehouse & just clean Monday-Friday during the day for my neighbors in the neighborhood & I was blessed with a little commercial job on Saturdays. Yes, it’s just a small business, but it’s my small business and I’m proud of my hard work, knowing what it’s taken me to get to this point… and there are many things I’m still learning along the way.

Typing on the Computer

Excited that I started my own little cleaning gig.. I was now looking for ways to grow my client list. I tried care. com but they micromanaged my messages back and forth with potential clients and the monthly fees were too high for little outcome. I couldn’t put my website link in my profile or send my website link via messages without my account being flagged. So I looked into Angie’s list but the obnoxious FLOOD of junk mail & endless phones calls morning noon & night was extremely frustrating. Other sites I looked into wanted a cut of my profits for every person that booked with me on their website. And paying to post on Craig’s list felt pointless.. when my post was pushed so far down on the list in a matter of minutes that I felt like I would have to constantly pay for postings to stay relevant enough to be found. I was just looking for an affordable way to promote my business to locals, get paid directly, and be able to have conversations without being charged for every message I sent back and forth. I wanted to be able to keep my profits that I worked hard for and set my prices & hours. I wanted to be able to create a profile I could share with anyone. And I wanted anyone to be able to view it without having to pay to be a member of the website to do so. 

Student Paper Writing

This is why I spent several weekends dedicating my time to learning how to code and create a website and it took several months of reading & studying, hours on end to learn. I’m a high school graduate. I didn’t go college & I couldn’t afford taking classes, I had no education in this kind of stuff. I just have a heart for small businesses and know I can’t be the only small business trying to promote my cleaning services without breaking the bank!

Mother and Daughter Love

With that being said… this website was created with keeping other single mothers in mind.. that are working hard and have taken that leap of faith to adventure off on their own and start a little cleaning gig from scratch to support their kids. As well as to promote those dads that have taken that leap of faith to start a business and work hard to put food on their tables for their families. The prices of groceries, gas, everything is so high it’s not easy for any small business owners. Taking that leap of faith to create a business is such a unique experience that not everyone can relate to. But it’s so rewarding when you make connections with your neighbors and are able to help take a load of their hands by providing them helpful services.

Cleaning a Kitchen

This is why Ubercleans holds a special place in heart and I strive to connect service providers with locals in their communities at extremely affordable prices. It’s for not just those in the community receiving services but also to encourage anyone that’s spending their lunch break at work just daydreaming to one day work for themselves. You can do it! & Ubercleans is here to help!

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My story
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