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1. Background check

It is important to know that the person you are hiring and allowing to come into your home, possibly leave a key with or the code to your garage is a trust worthy person. Request that they provide you proof of a clean background check.


We offer the option that our cleaners can go through a background check and display a badge on their profiles that shows that they have completed this task. We also offer where they can include a drug screening test as well. Below are details on what these include.

Background badge.

When you see this badge displayed on a profile it means that the owner of the profile has completed the tasks needed to conduct a background check successfully.


This background check includes: 

National & 7-Year County Criminal Search

Social Security Number (SSN) trace

Addresses, Names, & DOB verification

National database criminal records search*

National sex offender search

Global, US, & state watchlists

Unlimited county criminal record search based on 7-year address history**


Drug screening badge.

When you see this badge displayed on a profile it means that the owner of the profile has completed the tasks needed to conduct a drug screening successfully.

The drug screening screens for:

Amphetamines, Cocaine, Heroin & Opiates, PCP, Marijuana (THC), pH, Creatinine


Professional Background check

When you see this badge displayed on a profile it means that the owner of the profile has completed the tasks needed to conduct a professional background check successfully.

 This background check includes:

National 7-Year county and Federal Criminal, Watchlists with Degree and employment verification

Social Security Number (SSN) trace

National database criminal records search

National sex offender search

Global, US, & state watchlists

Education Degree verification (US universities, college, jr. college & trade schools)

Federal Criminal search

Employment verifications

Unlimited county criminal record search based on 7-year address history

Additional background information

Before pulling a background check or drug screening we request and receive written permission from the service provider as well as a form of payment to cover the set-up costs and services. We use an independent 3rd party source that provides services in backgrounds and drug screenings. Applicants will receive an email and complete the tasks before receiving the clearance badge that will display on their profiles, so that those looking for services will know that the individual that set up the account has successfully completed the tasks. This does not apply for individuals that are hired by the profile account holder. Whoever the contact person is listed on the profile is responsible for providing safe staff. We do not run background checks on their staff, which is why we recommend that you discuss with them the policies they have in place that can assure you, that the staff they hire are safe and trustworthy to have in your home or on your property or handling the payment processes. This maybe something you want to consider having in writing as an agreement prior to paying them for services.

Solo cleaner vs a team of cleaners

We recommend that you do your research and request proof of a background check before hiring a solo cleaner. If they are a team of cleaners, ask them how they conduct the screening of their employees and what that consists of. There are several different types of background checks, below you can learn more about the ways that companies can screen their employees. It is also important to understand that background checks can involve different levels of federal, state, and local regulations. Many cities and states have laws that require employers to ensure applicants meet overall job qualifications prior to seeking criminal record background information. For example, “Ban the Box Legislation” in many states limits what employers can ask a person on a job application or early screening process regarding criminal record information. “Ban the Box” basically means that employers cannot display a check box on their employment applications that asks if applicants

have a criminal record. 

Did you know that there are several types of background checks available?

If you are considering a company that has more than one employee and isn't a solo cleaner, ask them about how they screen their employees. Below are different ways a company may screen their employees. This information is meant to help prepare you to ask important questions when speaking with a cleaning service before hiring them for the job.

Some liability insurance providers may require screenings. Ask if they have liability insurance and if their insurance provider requires screenings of their employees.

Basic Background Check

Some companies run basic background checks on their employees. These type of background checks typically reveals illegal activity, charges, or convictions and can also verify education, employment history, and references.

Criminal Record Check 

Some cleaning services conduct criminal record checks. These type of record checks usually include national crime database results as well as records from every state where the candidate currently lives or has lived within the last 10 years. 

Keep in mind that many companies investigate criminal history for their state, however people commit crimes in other states that aren't detected.

Workers' Compensation

This is another factor that is important for companies with employees to carry. You should ask about how they ensure the safety of their employees while conducting business on your property and whether or not they cover their employees, equipment, injuries, or property damages.

Drug Screening

Drug screening is another thing that companies can conduct and are available in many forms. Drug screenings can reveal an employee's tendency to violate an employer's drug and alcohol use policies. Before you hire anyone to provide you services ask them about their drug screening procedures and their company's policy regarding drug and alcohol use.

Sex Offender Registry

Safety is important, and it's important to ask companies if their employees have been screened for history of sexual offences. If there are convictions they will appear in national and state background checks.  However, if a company reviews a separate sex offender registry it may reveal additional misdemeanors and can add an additional level of security for a company's client. If you are hiring someone for services it is recommend to request a back ground check that includes the clearance of sex offending convictions.

Motor Vehicle Report

Some companies request that their employees approve a Motor Vehicle Report. This type of report can provide companies with information about a person's driving history, license status, restrictions, and violations. Ask the company you are hiring for a job if they obtain such reports for individuals, if the individual will be providing driving services for you or moving any property. 

International Background Report

This background report can provide employment verification and criminal background search for those who have worked outside the U.S.

Credit reports

There are also credit reports that can provide helpful information for those who are in the positions of dealing with finances and money transactions.

View the social media accounts, websites, or reviews of the company you are considering to hire.

You can see patterns of behavior or attitude that may warrant concern and can be a good indicator on whether or not they are going to be a good fit for you.

2. Proof of insurance licensed & bonded

Most professionals want to provide safe services that can protect their clients and their staff. Ask them for proof of insurance, proof that they are licensed in the field in which they are providing services and if they are bonded before hiring them. This can help keep your property and belongings safe.

3. Confidentiality

Professionals should have no problem providing a confidentiality agreement upon request. This agreement can be put into place to ensure that you and your home have privacy.


4. Training

Ask them if they can provide any sort of certificate that shows the type of training or education pertaining to their field of expertise. Read about the training, education, and experience they have in the field on their profiles. Professionals should be able to answer your questions when it comes to providing services.

5.Free estimations

Professionals that are confident in their skills and services offer free estimations as a part of their marketing plan. We recommend that it is safer to go with a company that can come to your home, provide an estimation, and information about their services, to avoid scammers. Scammers will ask for a deposit or payment before coming to your home, they will take your money and never show up. Most cleaning companies accept payment the day of your first clean. If you experience any company that demands that you pay up front, we do not recommend their services. Keep looking for cleaning services in your area that can provide you free estimations and have payment policies and methods that you feel comfortable with.

6. Secure your pets

Keep your pets safe. Set up a safe plan for your pets, that can secure them in a safely during your scheduled cleaning. Ask your cleaning service if they are comfortable with pets. When you view their profile look at the tab labled "highlights" and you will be able to see if tagged themselves as "comfortable with pets." If your animals have aggressive tendency or try to escape your home you need to secure them in a crate or within your home safely to prevent injuries or lost pets.

7. Make a report

If you experience a company that is not conducting business in a safe, healthy, or lawful manner report it.

If your instincts tell you something doesn't feel safe, do not ignore it. Report a safety concern or call 911 if it is an emergency. If you have contact with police regarding a business on this website, please let us know. We take safety seriously, and we do not want to promote a company that goes against our safety standards for our Ubercleans community.

8. Be alert for scammers

Expressions of love, affection, or destress with intentions of meeting you,

asking you for help or selling you a product are red flags!

Do not respond to unsolicited or unexpected phone calls, emails or messages that are requesting that you provide them personal or payment details. Do not send them money if they are requesting wire transfers, checks, gift cards, or personal financial information. Beware of claims that there are problems with your account, payment, or security that require action. You can manage your own membership and check the status of your membership at any time to see if these statements are true. When a representative from Ubercleans contacts you, they will contact you directly from an email. We do not use,, or any other source of emailing accounts to conduct business. If you see these red flags or are unsure whether or not you are interacting with a scammer, submit a scam alert, and someone from our staff will look into it. If we feel it is necessary, we will request that they conduct our screening process in order to remain as a business account holder with Ubercleans.


Ubercleans provides a place where independent cleaners can advertise their cleaning services to those in their community. These service providers are 3rd party and are not employed by Ubercleans. Each cleaner is responsible for conducting their own business, individual policies they set forth, and are responsible for providing their own customer service, independently to their clients.

We provide information that can help assist you in making a choice before you choose a service provider. does not employ any service provider and is not responsible for the conduct of any user of our site. All information in member profiles, job posts, applications, and messages is created by users of our site and not generated or verified by You need to do your own diligence to ensure the job or service provider you choose is appropriate for your needs and complies with applicable laws.

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