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Community Guidelines

It's important to us how members of treat each other. So we put together a helpful guideline to let our community know the standards, values, conduct and expectations we have for our members on this platform. If a member violates these guidelines they are subject to have their account temporarily or permanently removed.


Exercise respect

All members are expected to be respectful with one another in every interaction, whether online, phone or in person.​

Communication or conduct that expresses hate, bullying, harassment, or discrimination towards another, is not permitted or acceptable.


Privacy is important.  It is not uncommon for cleaning services to take photos that show before and after shots. We understand that cleaning services take pride in their skills. We ask that you confirm with the homeowner first that it is ok to take before and after photos, or and type of photography of their residence, or businesses, cars or any personal belongings of their before hand. We also ask that clients get permission to take photos of cleaning providers on their property before hand. Transparency and consent can really help build trust and a healthy relations between cleaning services and their clients.  We also ask that both our cleaning service providers and clients refrain from asking personal questions that have no bearing on the job without explicit invitation, and never include personal identifying information in your job postings, applications, profiles or reviews.

When it comes to physical contact we do not tolerate any threatened, actual or attempted acts of physical assault, or any other violent acts, which also includes corporal punishment.

Sexual misconduct. Sexual misconduct, harassment, abuse, exploitation, or assault is grounds for immediate removal from this platform. And sexual activity between cleaning service providers and clients is always prohibited — even if consensual.

Boundaries and Expectations are to be professional and set upfront regarding rules, cleaning expectations, and needs. 

Cleaning services are there to do a job and leave. 

  • Respect Others’ Homes, Businesses, Vehicles and Property.

Treat others’ property with respect.

Do not attempt to login to computers, review files, access places that have not been discussed to be apart of your cleaning zone or otherwise snoop around.

Upon ending a cleaning services relationship, you must return any house keys, car keys, or any other items provided by the family or person overseeing the job, that do not belong to you.

  • Respect Others’ Time.

Show up on at the time you are scheduled, and clients be present or provide ways that cleaners can affectively get the job done within a timely fashion. Cleaners do not have clients waiting around for you to show up, if you are running late let them know as soon as possible. Clients do not have your cleaners waiting around for you to show up to let them in. Both need to discuss entry and locking up plans ahead of time. Cleaners discuss cancellation fees, and clients discuss with them what your expectations are if they were to cancel a job. Open communication about things like this can help establish healthy boundaries between clients and their cleaning services.


Be Honest

Honesty is of the upmost importance when our goal is to establish a trusted community. Being honest not only goes a long way but helps us create a safe and positive experience through the platform for both clients and cleaning providers.

  • We expect you not to misrepresent yourself.  This means that you are to provide accurate personal information to and to the members you connect with on this platform. If you were to misrepresent your identity and/or signing up to facilitate someone else to use the platform it would be grounds for removal from the platform.

  • If you were to misrepresent your qualifications, experience, needs, pay rate or any other qualities with intention to mislead another member it too would be grounds for removal from the platform. Members rely on the experience of cleaning providers when making hiring decisions. The lack of experience can result in damage to their properties. DO NOT lie or mislead about your qualifications.

  • ANYTHING to misrepresent ANYTHING for financial gain is not acceptable. Identity theft, scams, and all other forms of fraud are not tolerated whatsoever in this community.


Stay Safe

ALL members have a role to play in creating a safe experience for both cleaning service providers and clients from the moment you login to the platform through any interaction of a job and beyond.

  • Be alert and communicate safely whether on this platform or any other. Visit our safety page for some helpful information or customer service page for resources. Educate yourself and do research on ways to help keep yourself safe while using the internet. Research safe hiring practices, background checks and more.

  • Provide Safe Environments for both cleaning service providers and clients. Be responsible that your are providing safe cleaners that have been properly screened and are qualified for jobs in clients homes before allowing them into or onto your clients property. Also clients are to provide safe properties. If you have aggresive animals, or animals that could escape your home while a cleaning provder enters or exits your home you are completely responsbile for insure not only the safety of cleaning crews but the safety of your pets. Put your pets away or develop a contract with your cleaning provider of how your pets can and should be manage while they are at a your property conducting business. Services should be delivered in a clean and safe environment. Whether the services takes place in the clients home, business or someplace else, ensure there is no access to:

    • Unsecured firearms, they should be secured safely to prevent any accidental misuse.

    • Hazards. The environment services are being conducted in should not contain any hazards or excessively unsanitary conditions, unless the provider has qualifications and certification to meet such requirements by law. Enabling or providing dangerous and/or uninhabitable conditions may result in removal from the platform.

    • We do not condone the use of any illegal drugs. The service providers are responsible for screening their employees. We do not employ members on this platform. Clients should visit our safety page to read about things you should ask a cleaning service providre before hiring them for a job.

  • Cleaners should not be under the influence of marijuana, alcohol, illegal drugs, or any other substance that impacts or impairs judgment while providing care. 

  • Report any concerns. We have a form that you can fill out. Be an accountable member of our community and report any safety concerns using this form on the site. This can help bring our attention to concerns of members in our community.


Follow the law has zero tolerance for individuals engaging in any type of illegal criminal activity. This includes, but is not limited to, fraud, theft, kidnapping, human trafficking, extortion, assault, sexual assault,  and sexual exploitation of any kind. Families and members of should be mindful of laws applicable to domestic employment and are responsible for following the laws in whatever area they conducting business.

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