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Exercise respect

All members are expected to be respectful with one another in every interaction, whether online or in person.​

Communication or conduct that expresses hate, bullying, harassment, or discrimination towards another, is not allowed.


Privacy is important. Do not share photos of children without the legal guardian’s consent. Do not place “nanny cams” in bathrooms that a caregiver might use. Refrain from asking personal questions that have no bearing on the job without explicit invitation, and never include personal identifying information in your job postings, applications, profiles or reviews.

Physical contact. We do not tolerate any threatened, actual or attempted acts of physical assault, child abuse, or other violent acts. This includes corporal punishment.

Sexual misconduct. Sexual misconduct, harassment, abuse, exploitation, or assault is grounds for removal from the platform. And sexual activity between caregivers and adult family accountholders is always prohibited — even if consensual.

Boundaries and Expectations. Clear boundaries should be set upfront regarding rules, care expectations, and needs. If you say you’ll be home by 6pm, be home on time. If a guardian requests no candy or treats for their child or pet, respect their request. And gift giving should always be facilitated directly with the parent or guardians.

  • Respect Others’ Homes and Property.

Treat others’ homes with respect.

Unless they’ve asked you to, don’t attempt to login to computers, review files, or otherwise snoop around.

Upon ending a caregiving relationship, you must return house keys, car seats, leashes, and other items provided by the family or caregiver that do not belong to you.

  • Respect Others’ Time.

Show up on time to engagements.

Always let a family or caregiver know if you need to cancel a job.

Pay caregivers a living wage.


Be Honest

Honesty is the cornerstone of a trusted community. Being honest goes a long way in creating safe and positive experiences through the platform.

  • Don’t misrepresent yourself. Provide accurate personal information to and the members you connect with on the platform. Don’t send someone else to do work that you were hired to do. Misrepresenting your identity and/or signing up to facilitate someone else to use the platform is grounds for removal from the platform.

  • Don’t misrepresent your qualifications, experience, care needs, or pay rate. Families rely on caregivers’ experience when making hiring decisions. Similarly, caregivers rely on families’ descriptions of their needs to ensure they can commit to providing the necessary care. Don’t lie about your qualifications or care needs.

  • Don’t misrepresent anything for financial gain. Identity theft, scams, and all other forms of fraud are not tolerated in this community.


Stay Safe

Everyone has a role to play in helping to create a safe experience for families and caregivers from the moment you login to the platform through completion of a job and beyond.

  • Communicate on Platform as long as possible. For added security and privacy, keep communications through the platform for as long as possible, especially if booking one-time jobs. By doing so, our Trust and Safety team can review and action inappropriate or fraudulent messaging, if the need arises.

  • Follow Safe Hiring Practices. For families, review the 3 Steps to Hiring Safely and follow the tips provided. For caregivers, review the 5 Steps to Staying Safe and follow the tips provided.

  • Provide Safe Care Environments. Care should be delivered in a clean and safe environment. Whether care takes place in the families’ home, the provider’s home, or someplace else, ensure there is no access to:

    • Unsecured firearms. Firearms should be secured safely to prevent any accidental misuse.

    • Hazards. The care environment should not contain any hazards or excessively unsanitary conditions. Enabling or providing dangerous and/or uninhabitable care conditions may result in removal from the platform.

    • Illegal Drugs. The caregiving location should be free from illegal drugs.

  • Stay Alert. Caregiving is serious business. Caregivers should not be under the influence of marijuana, alcohol, illegal drugs, or any other substance that impacts or impairs judgment while providing care. Both families and caregivers should stay accessible and reachable throughout caregiving engagements.

  • Report concerns. Be an accountable member of our community and report any safety concerns using the Report tool on the site.


Follow the law has zero tolerance for individuals engaging in any type of illegal criminal activity. This includes, but is not limited to, fraud, theft, kidnapping, human trafficking, extortion, assault, sexual assault, and child sexual exploitation. Families and members of should be mindful of laws applicable to domestic employment.

Family at home

Community Guidelines

It's important to us how members of treat each other matter. So we put together a helpful guideline to let our community know the standards, values, conduct and expectations we have for our members. If a member violates these guidelines they are subject to have their account temporarily or permanently removed.

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